Fred and Rose Receive Their New 2016 Gold Wing GL1800 Trike

Sweet red bikeI just took delivery of my new 2016 Gold Wing GL1800 with a Motor Trike Razor kit from Wins Trikes & Bikes in Pittsford, Vermont.  This is my 3rd Motor Trike on a GL1800 in the last 10 years from Wins and I can’t say enought good things about Tim Rathbun.  Tim has learned his trade well and builds a great trike.  I have had only a couple mirror issues over the years and on each occasion Tim has been very responsive and supportive, even calling me on a recall before I got notified by the company.  Prior too both of my Alaska trips on trikes Tim got me right in and gave the trike a complete check, and we had no issues whatsoever.  Now that I am retired I travel a lot of miles each year, including the lower 48 states plus Alaska twice, and all of Canada.  It is a comfort to know that at anytime Tim is just a phone call away if needed.  Thank you Tim.

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